Monday, October 14, 2013

Manjaro 0.8.7 on the Asus 1015E

After spending some quality time running Debian Testing with xfce4 on my Asus 1015E Netbook, I decided that testing just wasn't cutting it for me. As much as I love Debian and Ubuntu, I've been running Manjaro on my desktop and enjoying being on the cutting edge of kernels, drivers, and programs.

I decided to install Manjaro 0.8.7 xfce edition on my Asus 1015E. The process is painless and it runs incredibly well.The default kernel, 3.4.60, does not connect the correct kernel modules for a wired internet connection. The fix is easy, but running old kernels isn't fun.I decided to upgrade to the 3.11 kernel.

Manjaro 0.8.7 with the 3.11 kernel creates kernel panics with the opensource brcmsmac kernel module. If you want to run want to run the 3.11 linux kernel you're going to need to blacklist the opensource driver, and load Broadcom's proprietary wifi driver, wl.

Once you configure the wl wifi driver everything just works; hardware keys, sensors, wired and wireless

First install the 3.11 kernel
in a terminal type:
 sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux310

Blacklist the opensource drivers for the broadcom chip
in a terminal type:
sudo leafpad /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

In the newly opened blacklist.conf file add these four lines:
- save and exit

Reboot the Asus 1015e and load into the 3.11 kernel with a wired internet connection

Ensure that the open source drivers for the Asus 1015E's Broadcom BCM4313 card are not loading
In a terminal type:
sudo rmmod b43
sudo rmmod brcmsmac
sudo rmmod ssb
sudo rmmod wl

then install the closed source broadcom driver from AUR
in a temrinal type:
yaourt broadcom-wl
- select the broadcom-wl driver for the 3.11 kernel and the BCM4313 [14e4:4727] hardware. once its done installing wifi will work.

You can then uninstall the old 3.4.60 linux driver
in a terminal type:
sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux34

Everything is configured and ready to go. Enjoy! I'm loving Manjaro 0.8.7 n my Asus 1015E. It's plenty fast and works amazing well.