Monday, December 23, 2013

Arch Linux on the Asus 1015e

Since I bought my Asus 1015e I have installed and configured too many GNU/Linux operating systems on it. Debian Testing, Elementary OS, Crunchbang, Xubuntu, and Manjaro Openbox/Xfce all ran great and required very little tweaking to get setup. But they all left me wanting more.

After Manjaro 8.7 and 8.8 refused to install GRUB 2 correctly I decided to switch back to Arch Linux. I ran Arch back on my desktop and Dell Mini 9 around 2009. I have run a mix of Debian and Xubuntu since then and only flirted with Manjaro for the last year. Debian wasn't bleeding edge enough for me, Xubuntu and the Ubuntu ecosystem left me feeling locked into their way of doing things, and Manjaro ended up being a hot mess and unreliable.

Switching to an Arch System with Xfce, Thunar, Slim, and Syslinux just feels right and works for me. My Asus 1015e feels fast and responsive and everything is customizable. I enjoy the control Arch gives it users and newest kernels/drivers/packages available.

Setup was easy, I just followed the Arch installation guides, there were no real hacks or tweaks needed to get Arch up and running.

I did borrow the old Manjaro Openbox wallpaper, Manjaro Xfce theme, and pamac package manager. Pacmac is no where as robust as Synaptic but it makes managing my AUR packages easy. I highly recommend if you're feeling lazy. :)