Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Turn of Bluetooth on the Dell XPS 13 - 9333

Turing off Bluetooth on the Dell XPS 13 is a real pain. Here is a quick guide on turning it off, keeping it off, saving battery power, and keeping your PC a bit more secure.

First disable the adapter, in a terminal:
sudo service bluetooth stop

To check in bluetooth is turned off or on, in a terminal type:

Now we need to keep the bluetooth adapter from turning back on when we reboot. Use your favorite editor (gedit, mousepad, nano, etc) to change the InitiallyPowered entry in your /etc/bluetooth/main.conf file from true to false.

In a terminal:
gksu mousepad /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

Look for the InitiallyPowered entry

InitiallyPowered = true

InitiallyPowered = false

save and exit.