Saturday, November 12, 2016

Customizing Touchpad Gestures on the Asus Zenbook UX305CA

To enable 3 finger middle click instead of opening Cortana install mMouse. It can be found on Ceez's blog.

Asus Smart Gesture software sends out Winkey + S to system, when executing a 3 finger click gesture. mMouse catches the input and sends a middle mouse click instead (WM_MBUTTONDOWN).

To add 3 finger back/forward swiping in Firefox you need to edit the Asus Smart Gesture TPProfile_Win10.xml file with this one line of code:
<ap name="firefox.exe" class_name="MozillaWindowClass" target_name="MozillaWindowClass" title_name="" target_type="3" support="33413" pan_filter_x="4" pan_filter_y="4" zoom_filter="1" pan_type="3" es_filter="4" es_type="3" zoom_type="6" rotate_type="0" swipe_type="3"/>
Since it's a system file you're going to have to open notepad with admin privileges.  Hit the start button and pull up Notepad. Instead of left clicking it, right click and select "Run as Administrator". Then select Open File (Ctrl+O) and navigate to the TPProfile_Win10.xml file.

It can be found under: 
/C:/Program Files (x86)/ASUS/ASUS Smart Gesture/AsTPCenter/

 Depending on your system settings you may have to set the open file dialog box to show all folder contents.